Serradura and Matcha Ice Cream

Serradura aka Sawdust Pudding aka 木糠布甸

Serrandura is also known as Sawdust Pudding or in Chinese (which means Cantonese for Hong Kongners), it is “木糠布丁”. The very first time I had it with my friend at a 茶餐廳 (cha chaan teng) in Tai Wai, I instantly fell in love with it. It was definitely not the best, but it was like “WOW” for me because it tasted something in between whip cream and ice-cream, two of my favourites. The next time I had it, it was in Macau – Geletina Mok Yi Kei.

Gelatina Mok Yi Kei 莫義記
9A Rua do Cunha R/C (氹仔舊城區官也街9號A舖)


(Photo credits:

The shop sells mainly Serradura of different kinds of flavours. As my friend and I were rushing to catch our ferry and we were bloated super full, we could only stomach one bowl, and we both had the original flavour. Even though by the time we consumed it, it was an hour later, and by then, the whip cream texture became more apparent, it still tasted so good.

After being in my tiny island for the past 6 months, I crave Hong Kong food really badly. I crave the desserts even more. After making cheesecake, I had two-thirds of whipping cream to use up before I went for retreat.

PERFECT excuse reason to make serradura hehe!

Sorry, no pictures for the steps. I was thinking too much about eating it until I forgot to take pictures.

Serradura (Original)

Recipe: adapted from Savoury and Sweet Food

Makes 5


250 ml Whipping cream or thick cream
6 tbsp sweetened condensed milk
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
9 Marie biscuits


1. Pound the biscuits using the ziploc bag and rolling pin method. You can refer to my post on Oreo Cheesecake for more details on the method.

2. In a bowl whip the whipping cream and when it reaches just before the peak stage, add in the condensed milk and vanilla essence and whip it up till peaks are formed. (Note: Use cold whipping cream to whip so that the time taken for whipping is shorter.)

3. Arrangement: Spoon in the cream, then the biscuits. Continue this process until it reaches the top.

4. Refrigerate till set for about 5-6 hrs and enjoy.

2015-01-03 00.42.20

2015-01-03 00.42.46

2015-01-03 00.47.34

Other notes:

  • I used vanilla extract as I did not have vanilla bean paste. But if you do have, substitute vanilla extract with vanilla bean paste. It will give more “kick” to your serradura while not compromising on the whipped cream texture.
  • For better finishing and presentation, use a piping bag with a round tip.

Matcha Ice Cream

As I have some whipped cream remaining after making Serradura, I used the last bit to make Matcha ice-cream.

I have not researched into homemade ice-cream so I cannot make any comparison between this and other recipes. The texture and taste which this recipe yields is somewhat closer to those tubs of King’s ice-cream.

Sorry, no pictures for the steps.

Matcha Ice Cream

Recipe: adapted from Eugenie Kitchen

Makes 1/2 tub of a 1.2 litre container


½ cup + 2 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk (150ml)

3 tablespoons Matcha powder (24g)

1 cup whipping cream (240ml)


1. 2. MIX: Pour sweetened condensed milk in a bowl and sift in half of the matcha powder. And stir until combined. And sift in the matcha powder and whisk until homogeneously mixed. (Note: Need to whisk rather vigorously)

2. WHIP: Then whip 1 cup of whipping cream until stiff. Transfer a whiskful of whipped cream into the matcha power and sweetened condensed milk mixture (1) and whisk until well mixed. Doing this, the batter should be thinned out.

3. FOLD: Then pour the cocoa milk mixture into whipped cream all at once and fold until combined. Be careful not to break whipped cream. This is a way of mixing thick batter into lighter mixture.

4. FREEZE: Transfer the batter into a container. Freeze for at least 6 hours or overnight until completely frozen.

After whisking the condensed milk and Matcha Powder (oops, I only took picture of the empty bowl): 2015-01-03 00.48.26

Ready to be placed into container:

2015-01-03 00.43.30

This is how it looks after freezing overnight:

2015-01-03 00.47.08

Other Notes:

  • As Eugenie suggests in another similar recipe, green tea powder should be first mixed in hot water. Being lazy, and thinking that since it worked for Cocoa Powder, it might work for Matcha as well, I skipped the part about mixing it water, and directly mixed it in condensed milk. The outcome? I had some remnants of Matcha powder that sunk to the bottom of the ice-cream. But I still love it since it is Matcha.
  • If you would like to make homemade Matcha ice-cream, I would suggest using this recipe instead: Eugenie’s 3-Ingredients Matcha Ice-Cream

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